June 29, 2020

Rising Star EA & Office Manager Emily Bradford

Rising Star EA & Office Manager Emily Bradford

A conversation with rising star EA & Office Manager Emily Bradford

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“The goal is not to be successful, the goal is to be valuable. Once you’re valuable, instead of chasing success it will attract itself to you."

"Work/life harmony” and “executives being champions of our efforts” are just a few of the show stopping phrases that I took away from my awesome conversation with Emily Bradford. 

As an Executive Assistant to the CEO and Office Manager for SHR in Houston, Emily is at the top of her game, and absolutely understands the challenges we face as well as how rewarding building a career as an administrative professional can be.

Along with sharing her career journey with us, Emily provides an overview of bullet journaling, otherwise known as BuJo, and how this amazing organizational tool helps her manage the countless projects and to-do's she faces daily.

Emily is absolutely a rising star in the EA space and I’m thrilled to share this episode with you!

Show Resources:

Connect with Emily on LI: https://www.linkedin.com/in/emily-bradford-8194a549/

Watch Emily's and Meg Steinschauer Bullet Journaling for Work | Power Hour and Productivity Hacks video from Melissa People's 2020 e2 Virtual Conference

Your World Class Assistant by Michael Hyatt

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Emily BradfordProfile Photo

Emily Bradford

Executive Assistant + Office Manager

Emily Bradford is an Executive Assistant to the CEO | Office Manager at SHR, Houston, TX.

She provides executive support to the Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer, as well as overseeing office operations.