April 30, 2023

The Power of Communication: How to Speak Up, Be Heard and Build Confidence with Communication Expert, Karen Laos

The Power of Communication: How to Speak Up, Be Heard and Build Confidence with Communication Expert, Karen Laos

As women, we have this strong confidence from a job perspective; and yet when it comes to ourselves, if we don’t feel we’re valuable or worthy, then it’s hard to step into our own power.”

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Karen Laos is a communication expert and confidence cultivator who has helped thousands of women leaders communicate more effectively and confidently. She is the founder and CEO of Karen Laos Consulting, a company that provides communication training and coaching to individuals and organizations.

Karen is passionate about helping women leaders reach their full potential. She believes that communication is a key skill for success in any field, and she is committed to providing women with the tools and resources they need to communicate with confidence and impact.

Connect with Karen today to learn how you can increase your confidence and communication skills to shine in the workplace:








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Karen LaosProfile Photo

Karen Laos

Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator

Karen Laos, Communication Expert and Confidence Cultivator, leverages 25 years in the boardroom and speaking on the world’s most coveted stages such as Google and NASA to transform missed opportunities into wins.

She guides corporations and individuals with her tested communication model to generate consistent results for women leaders through her Leadership Presence Keynote: How to Be an Influential Communicator.