Aug. 10, 2020

A Conversation with Exceptional EA, Erin Scanlan

A Conversation with Exceptional EA, Erin Scanlan

“Sometimes the person making the biggest impact is the one who says nothing.”

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My conversation with Erin was another excellent example of how we all have stories to share and how oftentimes our paths can lead in different directions that ultimately end up bringing something wonderful to our lives.

Join me as we hear Erin share her journey starting out on a pre-Nursing path to her current work supporting the President of Sage Bionetworks. Our conversation went from how to navigate a pivot in your career plan to how to overcome imposter syndrome and feel valuable and confident in your role; I appreciated Erin's honesty and for allowing us the opportunity to get to know her better.

You’ll especially not want to miss the part of the conversation that caused both of us to roll our eyes at the phrase “not bubbly enough to be an admin.” Yikes!

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Erin ScanlonProfile Photo

Erin Scanlon

Executive Assistant

Erin is a strategically-minded administrative professional specializing in creative problem solving so that the executives she supports always have the tools they need to lead with confidence.