Feb. 17, 2020

EA Influencer and Blogger Vanessa Nieman

EA Influencer and Blogger Vanessa Nieman

“Her soul is fierce, her heart is brave and her mind is strong”

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Professional. Leader. Advocate. Lifelong Learner.

These traits and more describe my wonderful guest and friend, Vanessa Nieman! Vanessa is a career executive assistant with extensive experience supporting C-Suite executives. In today's show she brings a fresh perspective on the administrative support profession while sharing highlights and lessons learned from her own career journey.

And as an added bonus find out why Vanessa and Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, are kindred spirits!

Organizations shared on today's show:

Vanessa's LinkedIn article -https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/your-resume-hot-mess-like-mine-vanessa-nieman/

Vanessa's website: https://www.theadminactivist.com/

https://www.melissapeoples.com/- Melissa Peoples, Executive Assistant Coach,  Certified Microsoft Trainer + Speaker

https://goburrows.com/- Jeremy Burrows, Administrative Professional, Executive Trainer, Coach + Podcast Host

http://beingindispensable.com/- Liz Van Vliet, Administrative Professional Coach, Trainer + Podcast Host

https://www.bonnielowkramen.com/- Bonnie Low-Kramen, Administrative Professional Career Coach, Speaker + Trainer

https://withpurposecoaching.com/- Michelle Parise, Administrative Professional Career Coach, Speaker, + Trainer

https://adminallies.wixsite.com/adminallies - The Admin Allies Podcast

For more information on today's show, to share your thoughts or to be a guest, please feel free to contact me at: haveaseatconversations@gmail.com.

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Vanessa NiemanProfile Photo

Vanessa Nieman

Masks by Vee entrepreneur + Career administrative professional + The Admin Activist blog + Advocate

Vanessa Nieman is a seasoned administrative professional with extensive experience supporting bio-tech, finance, healthcare, higher education, marketing and tech industries. She's also a small business owner and operator and the satisfaction of her customers is her number one priority.