July 13, 2020

You Teach The World How To Treat you

You Teach The World How To Treat you

“Be careful what you tolerate, you are teaching people how to treat you.”

I have personally lived by this credo in what feels like forever. 

I remember the first time I heard that saying years ago, it was like a lightning bolt struck me, it resonated so strongly. 

I think for me, in my life, at some point I got tired of thinking that it was everyone else’s fault for the way I was feeling or being treated. When I started looking into why I was feeling this way, I thought about that saying and it all just seemed to make sense. I mean think about it, you teach people how to treat you...so simple, right?

I feel most of us unknowingly allow or enable certain behaviors and/or treatment to continue, leading us to wonder why. Why are things a certain way? Why don’t we get the respect, recognition, patience, tolerance, support that seems to be so lacking?

I dare you to look inside yourself in those moments, and ask, is there something actionable that I can do to reverse this bad behavior? Am I doing something that is encouraging this behavior, even unwittingly, to continue?

Listen in as I share my thoughts on the subject, and contact me if you'd like to share your thoughts too. I welcome the opportunity to keep the conversation going!

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