Aug. 14, 2021

My Introverted Self

My Introverted Self

Welcome to my first blog post! I'm so glad you stopped by! Ready? Let the fun begin.😉

I recently participated in a discussion in one of my FB groups about how we feel when we return home from work, and are asked something as simple as "what's for dinner?" or "what are we doing this weekend?" 

My answer, or contribution to the discussion, was pretty short and sweet and circled around how my desire is to not have to answer at all and how most times, I prefer to have the answer provided for me. Ha!

I know that sounds harsh, but hear me out. For those of us that work in office settings or in any workplace environment that involves being surrounded by other team members, office mates, co-workers or just the general public, whether it be face to face or virtually, day in and day out, chances are questions come at us constantly. That goes double for those of us in the administrative professional world, where we are expected to not only be available for the questions to be asked, but to also come up with the answers. All. Day. Long.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not crying in my soup about it, being available and asked to accomplish the impossible and have answers for how to do it is a part of my unwritten job description.😀  However that really lends itself to my pulling out my introvert card when I get home and on the weekends.

You see, for me, being a bit introverted, helps me recharge. Sounds funny I know, I mean, how does being alone help you feel more connected? Well, I can't really explain it, and I don't have the initials after my name to give it any expertise, but all I can tell you is, that after being surrounded by people all week long, the ability to play the low key card after work and on the weekends, actually gives me the strength and energy to get up and do it all over again the next day. 💪

I truly treasure those low key moments like time spent with the hubby, my daily yoga sessions or the Netflix chill moments; they all add up to me feeling rested and having my brain take a break helps me circle back and focus when it matters most.

So much like our koala friend, I enjoy my "tree" time and look forward to hitting that reset button in order to keep that power button alive and well.

Would you agree? Do you value your downtime and need it to keep the wheels turning? Or are you more of an always on type who welcomes activity and motion to keep you feeling recharged? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Use the Get In Touch button above and let's continue the conversation.