March 21, 2022

You Asked, I Answered Part 2!

You Asked, I Answered Part 2!

"Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning."― Barbara Kingsolver

Hello Again My Friend and welcome to part 2 of a listener submission Q & A! One of my listeners, Jamie, answered a call to action by submitting a question when I announced my new feature, Conversations About Podcasting, where I happily answer all your questions about podcasting from being a guest, to what to consider if you’re thinking about starting your own show.

Last month I answered the first of Jamie’s questions around what it takes to be a guest and some considerations around that. Be sure to check out thatminicastas it was a terrific way to open up this new conversation series. 👍🏽

This week I answer the second of Jamie’s questions by addressing equipment and hardware. Admittedly, as a guest, these two items aren’t a heavy lift, but in my humble opinion, there are some hard stop rules to follow regarding headphones, microphones and voice volume. I think I did a fairly decent job of addressing these concerns, although I invite you to take a quicklistenand see for yourself.

In addition to the points in the episode, I want to add one thing that I realized I left out, and that is your external environment as a guest. I know there are many podcasters out there who prefer their guests record in very quiet surroundings and cringe at any outside noises that come across during the recording. I get it, I mean, as hosts go back and edit the show, it can be burdensome to eliminate some of that background noise. 🤦🏽‍♀️

I honestly don’t mind the occasional child, partner, fur baby interruption or noise, even the occasional siren, as that all speaks to a life. Most of you, while experts in your field, are also human beings with lives, and if those lives happen to spill into our show recording, well then, all the better. As I feel that makes you that much more relatable to my listeners. Now having said that, I do appreciate it if you can let your household know that you will be incommunicado for a few minutes while we chat, but I get it, and things don’t always work out that way, and that’s perfectly fine with me. However, not all hosts feel this way, so it may be good practice if you find yourself as a guest on a podcast, to make arrangements on your end to allow for as quiet an environment as possible, and if those noises of life should come through during the recording, apologize and move on, a gracious host should understand and continue with the wonderful conversation you’re engaged in. 👌🏽

Your turn! Did I hit the mark? Do you agree? Is there anything that I may have missed that you would like further explained? Use that fancyContact Mebutton above and let me know. ✍🏽

Thanks for reading and listening and thank you, Jamie, for the excellent questions! 🙌🏽