Nov. 2, 2020

Career Coach and Ukulele Rookie, Melissa Narvaez

Career Coach and Ukulele Rookie, Melissa Narvaez

“I truly believe that having a very different, non-linear career journey is what makes you unique and authentic.”

To quote my guest, her life is straight out of a telenovela and she is right! 

Melissa Narvaez is in the middle of a life journey full of unexpected twists and personal experiences that have allowed her to develop her talent and passion for helping others advance their careers and by providing coaching in reframing obstacles as opportunities for growth.

Having called amazing locales like Venezuela,  Morocco, Spain, Argentina, San Francisco and New York home, this globe trotting super star is dedicated to inspiring women to pursue their careers and to live their best and fullest life.

I invite you to Have A Seat with Melissa and listen to her fascinating journey, which began in the oil cargo ship industry to a standout career in the tech industry which led to her current creation of building a successful community supporting and coaching Latinx women with tech career goals and aspirations. 

Added bonus! We are treated to a happy ukulele song in the beginning of the show which is just as fun and colorful as Melissa herself.

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