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Bibigi Haile is the founder of The Beauvoir Group, a career management and personal branding consultancy. Bibigi works with women in middle and senior management roles helping them make bold moves in their lives and careers as they discover the possibilities that come with finding and owning their unique voice

Prior to her career and personal branding consulting days, she spent 15+ years as an organizational development and change management consultant supporting senior leaders and executives to design and execute major change projects. So often she found herself becoming a trusted advisor to her female clients, and quickly realized that in management roles, women could feel very lonely when it came to discussing their professional challenges. The realization of her client’s struggles led her to pivot her consultancy towards one focused on individual transformation and change.

Does Branding Really Matter? You Bet It Does! A Conversation with Personal Branding Activist, Bibigi Haile
Dec. 19, 2021

Does Branding Really Matter? You Bet It Does! A Conversation with Per…

“We’re not static human beings and we shouldn’t expect to have a perfect brand, what we will have is a process and a story that we own; we can tell our story, even the story of change, that is our …

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