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Life Coach

Bridget Belden is Founder and CEO of Magenta Consulting, a coaching organization providing world class tools to empower women to discover who they are beyond being a mom. Bridget is an award-winning speaker has been featured on podcasts such as The Sweetest and Toughest Job and Interesting People I Know.
Prior to her current venture, Bridget worked for more than 15 years in retail and apparel manufacturing. After a very personal introspective journey in pursuit of finding her purpose, she left her job to explore her calling. In 2006, she founded Ripple Kids, a nonprofit seeking to inspire and empower kids to take action in their communities. A Ripple Kid is a kid who has identified an issue and has taken action to resolve it.
After 10 years running Ripple Kids full time, and her kids gone from the nest, she realized it was an opportune time for her next life evolution – starting venture based on her own journey of self-discovery. Magenta Consulting supports moms through life-changing one on one coaching and free transformational workshops, reconnect with who they were before they had kids in pursuit of a life of passion and purpose.
Bridget lives in Orange County with her husband of 28 years, Charlie and their dog Max. She loves traveling, spending time with friends and family, and will rarely pass up the opportunity for a good meal and a nice bottle of wine.

June 26, 2022

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“Whatever is left over is what we leave for ourselves, so it’s shifting that perspective to start investing that time in yourself so that you can discover who you are”

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