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My name is Karolina, I am the founder of Sated Ventures Tours & Travel. We are a boutique operator that offers delicious experiences to over 40 countries. Our focus is on lovers of food & wine! I am a destination expert in Latin America - I have explored the continent more than 30 times, sailing the Galapagos, getting fleas from Amazon monkeys, hiking throughout Peru, and cooking wherever they let me in the kitchen! I have managed luxury travel since 2006.

At Sated Ventures we are a bit different from other travel companies - we offer chefs as guides, behind the scenes restaurant visits, and include surprises like gourmet picnics and white glove service along each client's journey. Sure, they do everything on their bucket list, but I make sure they really travel with a sense of taste. Food and travel? The perfect marriage!

Although Sated Ventures is only 1 years old, my experience behind it is 16 years of sales, marketing, traveling, and managing high end luxury experiences.

June 12, 2022

Food & Travel? Yes Please! A Conversation with Sated Ventures Founder…

“With Sated Ventures I was able to take the love of the expedition and make food the connection because food will be that one piece that we all have in common, we may not speak the same language or have …

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