April 24, 2022

Lights, Camera, Action! A Conversation with Actress and Model, Emily Isabel

Lights, Camera, Action! A Conversation with Actress and Model, Emily Isabel

"Entertainment is a place where you can make other people feel and enjoy stuff when you’re doing it, you can make people laugh, cry, and make people feel the same emotions while in character, while still having fun"

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Meet Miss Emily Isabel, a 13-year-old actress, singer, and model. She currently is a part of the Unicorn Jazz TV Series w/Lisa Caprelli on Amazon Prime. Her recent works also include playing the part of Brigitta during The Sound of Music’s national tour, appearing on SNL in one of their holiday episodes and she is also the voice of Becca on Alma’s Way on PBS Kids created by Sonia Manzano. Whew! Quite an impressive resume and it’s only growing more and more. 

Listen in as Emily shares:

  • Why she chose to pursue a career in entertainment
  • Advice for parents whose children express an interest in the performing arts
  • How she handles rejection both on and off the stage, and more!

Connect with Emily:

Emily Isabel (@emilyisabel.official) • Instagram photos and videos

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Emily Isabel


13 year old kid actress/singer Emily Isabel is also available for media interviews and is part of our Unicorn Jazz Presents The Thing I Do show. Emily has been part of U.S. school virtual zoom tour visits since the pandemic.

Emily was on the Broadway Sound of Music tour in 93+ cities.

Headshots / Photos for media to use: click

Story feature: https://unicornjazz.com/sound-of-music-be-everything-you-want-to-be-emily-isabel/

Accents: British, Brooklyn, Egyptian.
Athletic abilities: Trapeze, ice skating, bike riding, rollerblade, roller-skate, swimming, diving.
Other: Runway modeling / Fit Modeling, Improv
Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Hip hop, lyrical, standard ballroom
Commercials - she's done many and welcomes more opportunities
Workshops: Casting, Pilot Season, Improv, Auditions, On Camera, Musical Toolbox, Musical Theater Auditions